Refractory metal fabrication

Over the last 19 years we have had the honour to work on, and continue to work with, most of Europe’s prestigious scientific projects. Also many of Europe’s most advanced, blue chip engineering and electronic companies. In addition our expertise has lead us to work on many development projects with research medical, satellite, oil and petrochemical, glass, and aerospace companies to list a few.

But some of our biggest rewards have come from small research and development companies working on a range of ideas for all industries, developing amazing ideas and products for the Worlds future, in their workshops and laboratories around Europe.

Our extensive manufacturing and engineering knowledge, along with World leading experience and qualified knowledge of Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten, Molybdenum and their alloys, give our customers confidence and information to enable them to understand just what these metals can do, how they can be used, and a secure supply chain tailored to their specific needs.

Our Products

From standard mill products, we have grown with our mill partners and in-house capabilities so that today we can supply our customers with the full spectrum of a professional metal and finished product supply chain, from mill products to, uniquely, additional process services that include (but not exclusively):

Refractory metal machining

Full machining capabilities, including CNC Turning, Milling, Profiling, 3D

Refractory metals fabrication

Full fabrication capabilities including EDM , Laser and Waterjet profiling, specialist welding and forming

Refractory metal deep drawing

Deep drawing, Pressing
and Hydro forming

Refractory metal forming

Tube manipulation
and forming

Refractory metal fabrication

Precision tube

Refractory metal machining and finishing

Surface finishing
(lapping, grinding, polishing)