We are an advanced, technically orientate customer service company that is dedicated to the supply of the correct products and services for our customers.

Within the company there is over 40 years of qualified experience in all aspects of metals and engineering processes industries, and the support capability, systems and protocols required to supply what our customer needs.

Our extensive technical knowledge in the processes to manufacture, ranges from foundry, rolling mills, smelting and forging, from welded fabrications and machined parts through to additive manufacturing (3D printing)

Our qualified metallurgical knowledge in the characteristics of the metals range from structure and properties through to heat treatments, formability and suitability. All available for our customer to access.

The experienced support capabilities in all aspects of specification, quality management, certification, administration and pricing gives our customer the confidence and peace of mind behind the actual purchase of our products in a long-term partnership.

Companies return again and again to a secure supply chain for existing products, and to discuss and develop their new projects using our expertise and support to get them off the ground. For over 20 years companies have come to Elite Material Solutions to discuss their requirements and designs.

As different requirements and applications for these unique metals are found in industries Worldwide, our experience and knowledge of Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten, Molybdenum and their incredible characteristics, mean that existing customers return, and new companies visit, to access technical and manufacturing information and a unique supply chain capability that allows them the full spectrum of options from mill products through to complex parts and fabrications.