Unfortunately it is still the case that in certain conflict-affected areas, there persists some unlawful and immoral activities around the trade and use of metals and minerals.

Elite Material Solutions work tirelessly to check that our suppliers and their supply chains are entirely conflict-free and that our materials are mined and processed in a way that is not harmful to local environment or the people and societies involved in the process.

Our aim is to continue our work with the necessary bodies to eradicate Tantalum and Tungsten conflict materials from the supply chain altogether.  We want all materials to be sourced and managed ethically and morally. So we communicate our ethical and sustainable sourcing policies throughout our supply chain and customers, and perform annual reviews to ensure this.

We are passionate about this issue and encourage all Elite Material Solutions clients and supply chains, and, indeed, anyone using these products to join us in keeping conflict materials out of the supply chain for good.

We partners are either Conflict free licenced or audited in accordance with the,  “Responsible Minerals Initiative”