Whilst we can, and do, proudly announce that many on our  customer list look  like a who’s who of the World top technological, scientific and engineering companies, we are incredibly  proud of our many years of our work with our innovation customers developing new uses for our metals. These customers work constantly to   push the boundaries of our metals capabilities within their industries. Often much smaller financially, history has shown us these are often the giants in the development of products that incorporate our metals for the future.

Whilst our range of metals and manufacturing services are being used to produce items used by our customers to investigate the beginning of the universe, or working in MRI scanners, or powering the latest mobile phone. These are unique metals that are finding new uses each year, often in areas that were not conceivable 5 years ago.

It might be interesting for people to see our metal being sold in the jewellery section of Saks on 5th Avenue, being used to advance the technology of implants for the human body, parts manufactured to power satellites now in space, used in equipment developed for the discovery of The Higgs boson elementary particle,

Industry has changed over the last 20 years and our ability to work not only with the purchasing professionals to create a commercial acceptable and secure supply chain, but also the design engineer on the product design or metal characteristics, the QA departments on supply protocols, QA requirements and conflict free policies, and the scientist were the whole project is still a theory.

To do all this we continue tirelessly to develop new process with our mills, develop new ideas on supply chain and delivery structures. All these driven by our customers’ new ideas or existing needs in their marketplace, and often in markets that never stand still in all aspects of metal supply and manufacturing technology. Each customer with their own unique set of special metal requirements sourcing needs and specialist applications.