As the world has changed so rapidly in the last 20 years and companies restructure to focus on their core products and industries, the need to engage with qualified, experienced and professional suppliers that can offer the services that work for you in the creation of your supply chains means your business continues to move forward with confidence.

The complexity of the supply chains of refractory metals is that, despite their wide and constantly growing list of applications, finding the suppler that can work with you from initial

  1. Metallurgical discussion on the metal being reviewed
  2. The capabilities of these metals with respect to their performance required
  3. The collaboration between supplier and customer to move from a mill product to a final machined or fabricated part in these metals


  1. Having the supplier with the expertise to discuss complex engineering processes to achieve you product
  2. Having the supplier with the expertise to discuss World wide raw material supply chains and the best options for you
  3. Having the supplier with the expertise to discuss the commercial aspects of the supply chain required and the array of legislations that can surround these metals

We would hope that Elite Material Solutions can be this valuable technical supply chain partner for you whatever your needs. The we can instil confidence in you, that the way we work and have for over 20 years, will add value, expertise and  peace of mind to you supply chain needs.

We encourage questions, discussion, evaluations and general enquiries. We are available to our customers, understanding the need to get answers and responses quickly and accurately