3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

Our facilities in at our plant in China has full capacity from raw material to final production with advanced powder metallurgy technology metal 3D printing research and state of the art production equipment.

At the same time, we have very special and advanced Tungsten powder manufacturing for 3D printing. It supports our capability to produce pure Tungsten 3D printing products to customers requirements with high density and excellent plasticity. Our tungsten powder technology is greatly reducing customer’s product design and manufacturing time.

Anti-Scatter Grid (ASG) is the key component of CT. Its manufacturing accuracy directly affects the image resolution of CT equipment. In the early stage, the traditional machining method of lead material manufacturing needs to punch holes on the entity, which has a long lead time and low efficiency, and also has design limitation; The 3D printing ASG made of pure Tungsten material adopts additive manufacturing method, which can increase the efficiency, and improve the design method.

Electronic Packaging Materials & Heat Sinks

Power electronics and circuits produce a lot of heat when they work. Heatsink materials help to eliminate chip heat, transferring it to other media and keeping the chip stable.

Molybdenum copper, tungsten copper, CMC and CPC materials, combined with low thermal expansion rate of molybdenum, tungsten and conductivity of copper heat, can effectively release the heat of electronic device and contributes to the cooling of IGBT module, RF power amplifier, LED chips and other products. They are thus applied as a metal substrate, thermal control and heat insulation components (heat sink materials) and the lead frame in large-scale Integrated circuit and high-power microwave devices.

We can offer WCu, MoCu, CMC, Cu/MoCu/Cu and S-CMC finished and semi-finished products. And we can also provide these products coated with Ni, NiAu or NiAg.

Tungsten and Molybdenum consumable parts for MOCVD

We provide the whole set of MOCVD heater and the solution for you MOCVD heater manufacturing and OEM – Heating area optimization and upgrading – Tungsten & Molybdenum consumable parts for various models – Repair/Refurbishment for the key W/Mo/Re parts

Silicon growth furnace parts products

Air guide sleeve for single-crystal silicon growth furnace
The purity of molybdenum plate can ensure the purity of crystal growing environment. Good surface can ensure effective result of heat shield. Meanwhile, excellent thermostable performance and stable riveting process can ensure the life of the product.

Tungsten wire rope for simgle-crystal silicon growth furnace
Tungsten wire rope is equipped with stable and reliable thermostable strength, good flexibility performance and long lifetime.

Hammer for single-crystal silicon growth furnace
Excellent material quality and precise processing technology can ensure stable growth conditions of crystal. It has the good performance of the high temperature strength and long lifetime .

Tungsten and Molybdenum Parts for Ion Implants

Our production facility handles every stage of the production process – from the metal powder through to the finished product. It doesn’t matter if you operate an older model or a brand-new system, or if it runs on medium or high current: We work with you have the perfect replacement parts and or upgrade systems.

We pride ourselves in supplying world-class refractory metal components. Our products are perfect fit for your production line due to their ideal combination of corrosion resistance, material strength, high thermal conductivity and absolute