By developing both internal and external capabilities Elite Material Solutions have always maintained a long term, secure and professional supply chain for our customers. Moving on many years ago from supplying mill products only,

Elite Material solutions have evolved into a multifaceted supply chain company. We have long-standing commitments to the development and protection of our supply chain and our metal sourcing partnerships. All our metal products are sourced ethically and sustainably (see our Code of Ethics) and our internal and external engineers and production staff are experts in their field, guaranteeing top quality service every time.

Industry-leading partners

Quality begins with the raw material and the ability to develop these to match the ever-changing industrial World. Elite material Solutions do not multi source its raw materials. For over 18 years we have worked with the same 3 mill partners, creating a relationship that assures us a total commitment from them to ensure all our customers have accesses to World class information and product.

Mill product: Typical mill formats: foil, sheet, plate, bar, wire, tube & powder.

We have with worked our 3 mills for over 18 years, chosen because they are World leaders in their respective materials of Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten, Molybdenum. Each mill prides itself with expert R&D departments, state of the art processing equipment and highly qualified Materials, production and administrative staff.

Each mill is ISO approved and with the help of Elite Material Solutions work to adapt any of their processes, systems and products to match the customers’ needs

Speaking with Elite Material Solutions Ltd will give you access to years of experience in mill production methods:

  • Powder metallurgy
  • EB melting
  • Drawing processes – tube and bar
  • Powder production
  • Heat treatment
  • Rolling

Finished product: Machining, fabrications, assemblies.

All of our mills have made multi million dollar investments over the last 10 years to install state of the art machining and fabrication centre aligned to their mill, in addition we have worked with them and other long term specialist facilities partners to be able to offer the widest range of added value, final component services. From concept, through drawing to final sign off we work with our customers to achieve the best commercial and technical result. We offer the confidence and commitment to ensure not only the finished part but also the documentation flowing smoothly and accurately, including

  • Full raw material certification
  • Independent chemical and Mechanical testing (UKAS approved)
  • Up front cad drawing customer approval and sign off
  • Full or batch dimension reporting
  • Ultrasonic test – certified
  • Dye Pen test – certified